Michelle ‘Meish’ Claus Illustrations

The Story

About the Artist

Michelle ‘Meish’ Claus (she/her) is a Midwest born artist currently living in Charleston, WV. An avid hiker, kayaker, and forager of medicinal plants and fungi, she is inspired by the beauty of each season and the colorful patterns of the forest. She recognizes the importance of shape and texture when identifying trees by their bark in the winter months, and particularly when locating edible mushrooms. This attention to detail translates in her artwork, which features vibrant though often overlooked natural remains and imaginative creatures. Meish uses acrylic blended with water to create her paintings at her home studio.

As a queer artist, representing the communities she is proud to be a part of and supporting them is important to her. A portion of the sales for each of her LBGTQ+ Pride designs are donated to a local supporting community group. She understands the need for more inclusive designs and her hope is to simply spark connection between individuals through her visual art by creating a mix of fun, inclusive, and beautiful greeting cards worth framing.